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Pathogen @ The Outside Agency Mix

Industrial Hardcore

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Wolter van der Broek
Beetsterzwaag, Netherlands

I've been mixing for about one year now. I focus on Hardcore, Industrial Hardcore, and Crossbreed. I started mixing because I was getting sick of hearing the same old mainstream tunes at local shows. When I play a set I try to bring my own taste of hardcore to the crowd, to name just a few of my favorite artists: The Outside Agency, Ophidian, Switch Technique, Deathmachine, Lowroller, Dither, Tieum, Delta 9, Tymon etc...
I record my mixes using 2 CDJ1000 MK3's, an Allen & Heath Xone 22 mixer, and a Korg Kaoss Pad Quad for the occasional effects.
Check me out sometimes.

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01. DJ Hidden - The Outsider Looking in
02. The Outside Agency & Cooh - Soul Keepers
03. The Outside Agency & SPL - Separate ways
04. The Outside Agency & Donny - Among us
05. DJ Hidden - You're not Real
06. The Outside Agency & Current Value - They Are Human
07. The Outside Agency – Cross
08. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure – Pacifists
09. The Outside Agency & Tapage – Industrial Cooking Spray
10. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique – The Moment
11. DJ Hidden & Switch Technique – Senseless Society
12. The Outside Agency – Primitive
13. The Outside Agency – The Next Storyteller
14. Mindustries – Facerocker (The Immobilizers VIP Remix)
15. The Outside Agency – Antichrist
16. The Outside Agency & Fracture 4 – Manhunt II
17. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure – Undermind
18. The Outside Agency – Daze of Old
19. Lenny Dee – Fucking Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
20. The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten & Katharsys – Favorite Sin
21. The Outside Agency – Hell’s Basement
22. The Outside Agency – The Flux Capacitor