Shoutbox: [17:46] pointlesspoint: Another, older dance performance about (hardcore) techno:

Noob Saibot @ This Is Hardcore (Ultimate Conflict)

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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Minupren - Semtex
Razor Edge - Red Hyper Gaint
Sandy Warez - We are in the dark (Krtm rmx)
Frame of Mind - She Shonin
Frame of mind - From Two To Five
Carnage & Cluster - Life... Hardcore
San-d - Thirtheen
Puppenspieler & BlackHacker - Sweet Emily
Angel - Industrial Base (Ophidian rmx)
Little Psycho - Pitch is my pain
Rina may - It's my name
Jan Fleck - Dead Motion
Montek - New Experience
Jan Fleck - Weakest Moment
Rina may - Scars of War ( San-d rmx)
Rina May - In Darkness
Sandy Warez - Industrial Strength
2 Disorder Minds - Suck
Industrial Freqeuncy - ID