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Raum 107 @ A Meditation About... Part. I

Darkcore   Techno

Toegevoegd door: PatrickG88 @

Lengte: 01:40:03

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Part One of a new DJ-Mix-Serial in which I present recordings that are derived from a specific, concentrated thought...
a thought, basic, mood, reason I can´t describe in words.... maybe to private basics or simply too silly moods or whatever  :D

[Acid/Dark Techno, Doomcore, Early Hardcore]

Gestemd door: Darksound hardcorerepublic
Favoriet van: Fearless-DJ


01. Le Syndicate Electronique - Ruins
02. X-Core - Kolden Och Morkret
03. Electronic Mind Explosion - The Downward Spiral
04. Minimum Syndicat - Dark Passenger
05. Nekra Damage - Tune L
06. Reflecti - Transparent Sky
07. Dr. Strange - Body Harvest
08. Trip Commando - Trip Commando (Techno-Side)
09. Alien Christ - The Frequencies Of Fear
10. X-Core - New Goldrush [soon on Final Soundscapes]
11. The Man Unknown - Unreal
12. The Mover - Waves Of Life
13. Dag Tribe - No Compromise
14. Rat Of Doom - A-1
15. Darius G - Karma
16. The Overlord - Future Of The World
17. Freez-E - Style-Awake In Neo-Tokyo
18. Mescalinum United - Jupiter Union
19. Starving Insect - Visions Of The Blind Death [soon on Final Soundscapes]
20. Slavefriese - I've Seen Horrors [soon on Final Soundscapes]

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link doet t niet, althans verwijst naar mixcloud maar kan niet DL zeg maar

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