DJ Thera @ Qapital 2013


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  Intro (Geck-o - Assquake)
1. DJ Thera - The Battle
2. DJ Thera ft. Yuna-X - Surreal
3. Excision ft. Messinian - X Rated (Geck-o & Phrantic vs Space Laces Bootleg)
4. Catatonic Overload - The Sexual Thrill (Ground Zero 2011 Edit)
5. DJ Thera & Delete - Welcome
6. Phrantic & Deetox - Contact
7. Prefix & Density - Soundwaves
8. DJ Thera - The Breaking Point
9. Prefix - Sloopvergunning (Phuture Noize Remix)
10. Exit Mind & Zirkum - The Shadow
11. Degos & Re-Done - Connected
12. Wavolizer vs. Thera - Done With My Stash (Theracords Live Mix)
13. Ophidian - Butterfly VIP

AkiXxX -
The sets where recorded with a mic from the speakers?? why so awfull quality??? :/
mainmothafucka -
On 08-04-2013 11:45:31, AkiXxX wrote:

The sets where recorded with a mic from the speakers?? why so awfull quality??? :/

im glad i was there  ;) my body was allready broken as fuck but at the end Thera just FINISHED me !!! FATALITY  ;)

awesome party one to remember
stage in the middle reminded alittle bit of 10 years of Q-dance Feestfabriek
now its time to give the body some rest before Loudness !  ;)
the_convicted [Set Editor] -
Reach the +100!  :yay:
sstfnn -
Thera ftw!
JNKz -
hardcore 4 life!
On 09-04-2013 15:08:14, sstfnn wrote:

Thera ftw!
kharaf -
I like it loud =)
Good lord Thera. Just a doozie of a set. Come to Chicago ASAP  :D
sinenV -
On 08-04-2013 11:45:31, AkiXxX wrote:

The sets where recorded with a mic from the speakers?? why so awfull quality??? :/

afaik most broadcasts are done through a balance of line-in and crowd mic
Boomrups -
Butterfly VIP afsluiten, held.