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D-Passion vs. Ophidian @ Let The World Resonate

Hardcore   Industrial Hardcore

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1. Nosferatu & Ophidian - Psychiatric Ass
2. Fucking Hostile - Fucking Hostile (The Outside Agency Remix)
3. Unexist - Liberate
4. Ophidian & Ruffneck - A Decade Of Enzyme Mashup
5. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian's DJ Cut)
6. Amnesys ft. Lenny Dee - System Crash lyrics
7. Ophidian & D-Passion - The Line Against The Night
8. Ophidian & D-Passion - Breathe
9. D-Passion - Dispell The Darkness
10. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Universal Threat
11. Tieum - Bitch Sexuality
12. Tymon - Now Who's Laughing (Ophidian Remix)
13. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Silence
14. D-Passion - Pride
15. Angel - Industrial Base (Ophidian Remix)
16. Sei2ure - Rocket Fuel
17. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Creatures
18. D-Passion - Power of Fear
19. Ophidian - Butterfly VIP
20. Ophidian & Ruffneck - Noisemaker (Not really original version)
21. Ophidian - Inception by Sound
22. Negative A & Tymon - Hells Bells
23. Meander - Endless Blackness
24. Ophidian - Abandon
25. D-Passion - Do It Like Rik
26. Ophidian ft. Ruffneck - So Many Sacrifices
27. D-Passion - $ellout
28. Ectomorph - Heartbeat
29. Unexist - Attack (Mad Dog Remix)

MattiX -
Where is the download link on Soundcloud?
shepa - use this to get DL  :thumbsup:
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Why is 28. Ectomorph - Heartbeat in this set?  :S
Enzyme -
More Than Decade Past
why not
Psychologic -
On 09-04-2013 14:20:46, Hansolo wrote:

Why is 28. Ectomorph - Heartbeat in this set?  :S

I know, like, why didn't they play Happy Activities? Like, why didn't they play Jiiiieeehhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaa (Angerfist Reshit), it's like, so stoopid. Let's like, play what everybody else is playing. If you're complaining about ONE track in 29 tracks of gorgeous Hardcore, you deserve repeated punches in the head for being a nit-picking, ungrateful, Harrison Ford wannabe. Seriously, look in the mirror, and say, "these artists were happy to record the set and I didn't like one song they played in 83 minutes, because that's how I roll. " Really, one song from 1996, and it warranted an annoyed post, fuck sake.

PS: that tracklisting is awesome sauce!
Haatpiraat -
Openen met PA  (L)
sinenV -
On 09-04-2013 18:12:21, Psychologic wrote:


McBong [Set Editor] -
I think there are some little mistakes in the TL:

First of all, this:
22. Negative A & Tymon - Hells Bells

Sounds so much like N-Vitral - Welcome to the Killzone

And, second:
23. Meander - Endless Blackness
24. Ophidian - Abandon

There is a song in between, but I don't know which....

EDIT: I now know: It's "Eye-D - Hell's Basement"
Gewijzigd door McBong op 08-06-2014 00:18
Darksound -
Re-up please?