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Frontliner @ To Iqon (1 Hour Mix)


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Quoted from Frontliners Facebook page:

"I took something so negative and gave it a good positive twist! The track made by Katt and me was only supposed to be played for the visitors of Iqon and the rest of the world would have to wait until release of the preview. By uploading this mix nobody in the world will have to wait to hear this new preview; 'Frontliner ft. Katt Niall - (we are) Indestructible' ( but I do get ill once in a while ;-) ) Now go have fun Q-Dance IQON"

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1. Frontliner - Weekend Warriors (Defqon.1 2013 Anthem)
2. Frontliner ft. Ellie - Lose The Style (2013 Edit)
3. Frontliner - Come On!
4. Frontliner ft. John Harris - Halos
5. Frontliner - Symbols (Q-Base 2012 Open Air Anthem)
6. Frontliner - I'm The Melodyman
7. Frontliner - Phaseriffic (2013 Edit)
8. Frontliner ft. Nikkita - Death of a Demon
9. Frontliner - Discorecord (2013 Edit)
10. Frontliner ft. John Harris - Never Come Down (Q-Base 2012 Live Edit)
11. Frontliner - Keep It Up
12. Frontliner - Dream Dust (Qlimax 2012 Edit)
13. Technoboy - Rage (Frontliner Remix)
14. Frontliner - Whatever!
15. Frontliner - You Want It
16. Frontliner - Warphole (Freaqshow Live Edit)
17. Frontliner - All In This Together
18. Frontliner ft. Katt Niall - (We Are) Indestructible

albert -
dim -
lovely set full of edits!...something out of the ordinary from him
Yeah, Frontliner creates very nice edits. The new tracks are also cool.
sinenV -
Save for a few tracks, this is a typical Frontliner set.
Serbie -
I was kinda disappointed to not see him at IQON, especially because to fill the time they gave some other DJs an extra 15 minutes (which Brennan Heart did not play and Code Black repeated the first 15 minutes of his earlier set) but as I expected this is a typical Frontliner set. Hopefully something better for Defqon NL
Waldo -
16 Frontliner - Warphole (Edit) great  :)