Shoutbox: [16-01] pointlesspoint: Thank you for the gratefulness. Let's not forget other people, past/present/future, i'm not that long here, i mostly see contributors for (early) hardcore tracklists: Needlemouth, Tweak76, Psychologic, the almighty Sandstorm!!, Mattix!, & all others i forgot... and big up yourself Han!  8-)

DJ Sniper @ DJ Sniper Hardstyle Collectio Sugar Base


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01. Bass Modulators-I Want You Love
02. Artic- We Get Raw
03. Bruno Power- Somefiles
04. Jack Of Sound- Zombies
05. Exit Mind- Exit Humanity
06. Psyko Punkz- Electro Bam
07. Ran D- Never Scared
08. Re Volt- Free ( Euphoric Mix )
09. Regain- Still Alive ( Hardstyle Mafia Remix )
10. Shockerz- Total Domination
11. Audifreq- The Other Side
12. Chain Reaction- The Record Breaking
13. DJ Thera Ft MC Nolz- Don't Back Down
14. K96 Ft Exit Mind- Hate
15. Kodex- Illusion
16. Jack Overdose- Octavius Augustus (Zany Remix)