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Nitrouz vs. Shayla @ The Sound of Q-dance - World Tour 2009 Sydney


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Amazing Quality ^^

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1. Dutch Master - Floorspin
2. DJ Phil TY - A Kay A
3. Duro & Nitrouz - Crazy F*cking Music
4. Technoboy & Shayla - Oh My God
5. Southstylers - Jazeker! (Johnny Quail Mix)
6. Walt - Ctrl Walt Delete
7. Kamui - Werkzeug

D-Mind -
02, 03  :worship:
MattiX -
03. Duro & Nitrouz - Crazy Music
eMule -
Not Your Monkey Not Your Robot
Qdance started at 11:30 instead of 11:00
Constantine -
Hungarian DJ
01,03,06  :worship:
02,04  :X
Odyssee -
On 21-03-2009 12:15:39, OzStyle wrote:

4 downloads yet 5 votes ???

the radio show must if been late then it defo started @ on the hour in Sydney

It's live on the radio now. We listened
Parasiten -
AMAZING quality  :S
Odyssee -
On 21-03-2009 12:39:36, Parasiten wrote:

bad quality  :S

Indeed, but the stream is better now. They were fixing it
SuciF3R -
192kbps  :D

Recorded with telephone?  :X
Odyssee -
wschL -
Shayla...  :X  :X
SuciF3R -
God,,,  :X  :X

Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
Oh My God  :X
TheXQz -
'cause I got high. Laaa la da da
Rum-P -
Walt - Ctrl Walt Delete  :worship:
GekkeNederlander -
-1 for bad quality and 06,07
andre -