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Andy The Core @ Hardcore History - Gabber Section II Part 7


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Simply, all the DJs involved have at least 20 minutes to strut their DJing stuff before passing the flame to the next DJ, who picks up where the previous DJ left off by mixing out of their last track. This continues til 17.02.2014 midnight then I combine all parts together and the resulting mayhem is posted as one long continuous mix for everyone to download.

This Challenge will end next year. 17.02.2014 23:59 GMT1


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1. The Sickest Squad - In80
2. Andy The Core - The Worst
3. The Clamps - Tha Real Enemy (Andy The Core Remix)
4. Shadowcore - Terror By Night (Andy The Core Remix)
5. Andy The Core - Beat Diz (I Just Wanna Be A Raver) (Tribute)
6. ID (Andy The Core - ID)