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V-Maxx & 4RIOT @ HAKK! French Attack 2


Toegevoegd door: 4RIOT @

Lengte: 01:04:53

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Our set @ Hakk presents French Attack 2

Gestemd door: p-nIce


Pattern J & Skoza - The end of your lives
Brutal Jesters - Funky music
Chem D - Right now
Skrillex - Kyoto (V-Maxx & 4RIOT Bootleg)
The sickest squad - Children of core (Brutal jesters remix)
RbMz - Blow your brain music
Sirio vs Bit reactor - Go to the block
The braindrillerz vs Sirio - HC underground
The braindrillerz vs Sirio - Old school gangster
Dam - Riot
V-Maxx & Mr. Ivex - Le dream
Hungry beats - No frenchcore! no party!
V-Maxx & 4RIOT - Funkyshit 2013 rework
Ohmicide - Hands up
Dam - Tramadol