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Dead Fader @ Electronic Explorations 261

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“DeadFader mix for Cutting Room Records”
The label covers some similar heavy electronic styles to those promoted by 3by3 and Small But Hard, but brings in some noise/punk rock and some dark drone/ambient style stuff too. Our 2nd release, a compilation features exclusive tracks from Dead Fader, C_C and DJ Die Soon as well as some amazing DIY punk rock from NO and some Fuck Buttons-esque noisescape from Matthew Pastkewicz. All in all there are some incredible tracks from some fantastic artists. Great if you like your music heavy, distorted or challenging in any way!"

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1. Igor Stravinsky - The Rite of Spring
2. Dead Fader - Tellev
3. Dead Fader - How's your Day?
4. Dead Fader - Konfeet (FIshsh ft. sensational alternate take)
5. Dead Fader - Darth Vader
6. MCMXCI - Untitled 1 (reverb edit)
7. C_C - kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkc
8. K(no o) - K3
9. Lucky Pierre - Exits
10. Tod Dockstader - Glider
11. Dead Fader - Move
12. Dead Fader - Left-Right
13. John Cage - In a Landscape