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DaY-már @ Dominator 2013 The Carnival Of Doom


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Lengte: 01:02:00
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1. DaY-már - Embrace The Night (Outblast Remix)
2. DaY-már - Punk Rock Chick
3. DaY-mar vs. Negative A - Alternative Thoughts
4. DaY-már - Black Widow (Lowroller Remix)
5. DaY-már - Pendejo
6. DaY-mar vs. Negative A - Rhythm Nation
7. DaY-már - Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses (Wasted Mind Remix)
8. DaY-mar vs. Re-Style - DeClaire
9. DaY-már - Second Guess
10. Day-Már - The Story of Alcinoe
11. DaY-mar vs. Catscan - Treason
12. DaY-már - Guess What
13. DaY-mar - No Prada
14. DaY-Már - Khaleesi
15. Day-már - United States of Day-már
16. DaY-már - Sunburn
17. Day-Mar - Dirty

nice one  :D
MarcoTechnofolle -
Easily the best set of Dominator 2013
G-Raver -
On 20-07-2013 21:18:26, MarcoTechnofolle wrote:

Easily the best broadcasted set of Dominator 2013

There I fixed it  :thumbsup:
Meggido -
Easily beaten by the following set by Wasted Mind ^^
But a good one tho.
MoDi -
was the best set! Maybe Parytraiser drops a bomb...but it was to full at the industrial stage, so DaY-már rocked big time!
masterpitbull -
beste set van de main stage
crazyshooter -
01-DaY-Mar - Embrace The Night (Outblast Remix)
02-DaY-Mar - Punk Rock Chick
03-DaY-Mar vs Negative A - Alternative Thoughts
04-DaY-Mar - Black Widow (Lowroller Remix)
05-DaY-Mar - Pendejo
06-DaY-Mar vs Negative A - Rhythm Nation
07-DaY-Mar - Feel Terror Cloud Your Senses (Wasted Mind Remix)
08-DaY-Mar vs Re-Style - DeClaire
09-DaY-Mar - Second Guess
10-DaY-Mar - The Story of Alcinoe
11-DaY-Mar vs Catscan - Treason
12-DaY-Mar - Guess What
13-DaY-Mar - No Prada
14-DaY-Mar - Khaleesi
15-DaY-Mar - United States of DaY-Mar
16-DaY-Mar - Sunburn
17-Day-Mar - Dirty
Gewijzigd door crazyshooter op 22-07-2013 15:13
replicator -
vette set
Motorhead -
On 20-07-2013 22:06:12, Meggido wrote:

Easily beaten by the following set by Wasted Mind ^^
But a good one tho.

Listened both today and to me this one was good, i turned off Wasted mind set, sounds so boring and MC didn't saved set.
pointzero -
New link