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The Relic @ Dark Industry Podcast XXIX "The Colony"

Intelligent Dance Music   Ambient   Drum & Bass

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Dark Industry is a concept, which originated from the "Ben Harder Show".
The Relic played a mix of many dark styles, without rules or limits. The concept of Dark Industry and the dark styles that go with it have absolutely no script, meaning the artist is free to do what they want.

No Limits, No Boxes, No Compromises...

The mix of many styles is a journey where new music can be explored. Key words are: Emotion, Darkness, Raw, Epic, Noise, Experience....

The previous episodes marked themself by a mix of Dark Ambient, Industrial, Acid, Soundcapes, IDM, D&B, Ambient, Industrial Hardcore, Crossbreed, Darkstep, Noise and more...

Episode XXIX will be hosted by The Relic. The following shows will feature many artists due to take you into their own dark world!

This is not 220BPMs of nastyness and swearing… this is emotional, eerie, landscapey, intelligent hardcore/techno. done by an absolute master! … The Relic!


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1. Cindytalk - Fly Away Over Here
2. The Prodigy - Voodoo Beats
3. Cubic Nomad - Inside The Colony
4. Luna Dopa - The Ninth Walker
5. Enya - Athair Ar Neamh
6. Tzolk'in - Coatlicue
7. Ed Starink - Dance Extatique
8. Architect - Radio Einheit (Mash Up Rawstate Pump Pannel)
9. Electronic Mind Expansion - Chain Reaction
10. Clouds - Consciousness (Randomer Remix)
11. Liquid - Roses Of Thrust
12. Triangular Ascension - Lux In Aqua
13. Boxcutter - Rikta
14. Terrorfakt - Damage
15. Matt Wand - Utrecht 2, Paris 2, Manchester 2
16. John Faustus - Evil Twin
17. Jimmy Page - Lucifer Rising "Percussive Return"
18. Massive Attack - Flat Of The Blade
19. Julien Neto - Los Cien Enamorados
20. Mike Parker - Forward The 5am Mix
21. Counterstrike & Cooh - Crowd Surfer (The Outside Agency Remix)
22. Connector - Nervous Breakdown
23. Sei2ure - I Am God
24. Your Name - I Piss On SOPA-PIPA-ACTA
25. Somatic Responses - Reverse Engineering
26. Aphex Twin - Acrid Avid Jam Shred
27. Venetian Snares - The Identification Circles Levitate
28. Loss - Session 01
29. Dieter Muh - Sphagnom

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