Shoutbox: [20-05] Maximumraver: Me?  :p or Danny?  :p

Makz @ Drumcore #DB13 Warm-Up


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Lengte: 00:45:54

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Fuck your brain!!!

Gestemd door: Makzimilian kimoarends

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1. I:Gor - Total Confusion
2. DJ Hidden - The Raw Universe
3. Counterstrike & Bong-Ra ft. Jonny Pettersson - Possessed
4. Elite Forces - Little Death
5. Detest - Blasteroid
6. Lowroller - Alchemy
7. Lowroller - Inside Your Head
8. Igneon System - The Wish For Brutality
9. Placid K - Come down
10. I:Gor ft. DJ Feel-X - Gunz Up
11. Andy The Core vs. F. Noize - Sentenced
12. Detest - Shotgun
13. Igneon System vs. Homeboy - The Illest (Tugie Remix)
14. Igneon System vs. Homeboy - The Illest (Detest Remix)

kimoarends -
Nice to hear "Elite Forces - Little Death" in a crossbreed hardcore mix! Never expected that, lol! Very well mixed, absolutely great! _O_
Makzimilian -
My style is very crazy  :D! I like hardcore, drum n bass and industrial hardcore
so i have to do an set with three different styles  :D

But thanks for your compliment.  :)