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Nosle & Silver Nikan @ Hardstyle Revolution Chapter VII


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Nosle presents 'Hardstyle Revolution Chapter VII: Special Guest Silver Nikan'

The Special Guest of this Chapter is Silver Nikan from NL.
Kevin Willemsma alias Silver Nikan is born on 7th of April 1989.
His interest for music started at a very small age. He experimented always with the radio and records from his dad.
Along the years, he has tried many styles and slowly started to understand the way of creating music.
In 2007, the first releases started to come.
During all this producing work, Silver Nikan also knew he had to practice to perform for an audience.
After some months, finally the time was there. In March 2008, Silver Nikan was invited to Estonia.
He preformed 2 days in a row on several places.
They were very happy with this performance and the crowd was amazed by the mixing skills and unique tracks that Silver Nikan offered this people.
In 2009/2010 and 2011 he was invited back, to perform and give away unique dutch hardstyle acts.
Since 2011, Silver Nikan has been several times in Estonia, France and Germany.
His releases kept on going on the german label 'Mental Madness'. Lots of own productions & remixes has been released.
In 2012 he started to find his way in music. His productions gone worldwide, from America till Estonia, Germany and back to the Netherlands.
2013 is the beginning of a big journey when he won the X-Qlusive Wildstylez DJ Contest and played at the Heineken Music Hall in Amsterdam among the big names in the hardstyle-scene that we know today. Silver Nikan is filled with adrenaline and ready to become a big name.

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  Special Guest Silver Nikan Set:
1. Van Dutch & Silver Nikan ft. Dee Dee - It's My Life
2. Audiotricz - Don't Hold Back
3. Noisecontrollers - Why So Serious
4. Rocco - Around the Globe (Silver Nikan Mix)
5. D-Block & S-Te-Fan & F8trix - Beat As One
6. TNT aka Technoboy N Tuneboy - Contrast
7. Audiofreq ft.MC DL - Set It Off
8. Zatox - You Make The Change
  Nosle Set:
9. Geck-o - Aha
10. Vaza - Beyond Happiness
11. A-lusion - Make Up Your Mind
12. Project One - The Zero Hour
13. Tuneboy - XY
14. Upraiser ft. Kizzah - Gunfire
15. The Prophet - H3Y! (155 BPM Mix)