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Dep Affect @ The Underground Stream Podcast IPRPDCST 002

Industrial Hardcore

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Second Industrial Propaganda Podcast mixed by Dep Affect.

Originally living in Western Australia, Dep Affect began writing music on a PC when he was 12. Despite being non-existent down his side of the country, he somehow discovered and fell in love with the aggressive hardcore sound coming out of Holland and Germany.

Years later 2005 Dep Affect signed with Dutch label The Third Movement, and produced three 12" releases.

Now in residing in Melbourne; he continues his exploration of industrial hardcore techno through New York label Industrial Strength Records; with a digi album/12" single titled "Purge", EP "Polytone Propaganda" and numerous remixes already released

In 2013 a new single is coming on Industrial Propaganda Recordings as well as a cooperation track with The Outside Agency on Genosha Recordings.

Avoiding the cheesy and obvious at all cost, Dep Affect aims for an original and intruiging sound.

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1. Stan Grewzell - Seeing Everything
2. Innovative - Irrational Exuberance
3. Embrionyc - The Ripper
4. Frame Of Mind - Die Guetta
5. Dep Affect - Polytone Propaganda
6. Dr. Strange ft. Satronica - The Land Runs Red (The Outside Agency Remix)
7. Pilldriver - Apocalypse Never
8. Dep Affect - Storm Swell
9. N-Vitral - The End Of The World
10. Lowroller - Erosion Mechanics
11. Sei2ure - Shit Controller
12. Frame Of Mind - Lomania
13. Innovative - Not A Black Box
14. The Relic - Lensor (Dep Affect Remix)
15. The Outside Agency & Ophidian - The Infinite
16. Tymon - Dead Evil
17. Ophidian & Tapage - Head VI
18. Angel - Freak Of Nature (Angel Remix)
19. Stormtrooper - Azzkickin
20. ID (Dep Affect)

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