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Destino & Hardstyle Mafia @ Real Hardstyle Radio Episode #001


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Hello world! Thanks to Gearbox Digital & Real Hardstyle Radio I am able to broadcast my sets again. From now I am starting with brand new podcast.

My sets are going to be broadcasted on each second and fourth Thursday of the month on RHR.

Here is the very first result. I have invited absolutely awesome hardstyle artists from Finland to play with me. Ladies and Gentelmen, please give it up for Hardstyle Mafia!

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--- Destino ---

01. Hardstyle Mafia - 24 Hours
02. Phrantic - Dark Skies
03. The Jakkiz & Caine - Amnesia
04. Regain - Still Alive (Hardstyle Mafia Remix)
05. Genox - Black Is...
06. Adventum - Armageddon Anthem 2013
07. Solutio & The I's vs Prefix & Density - Tanya
08. Goliath feat. MC I See - Thrill Of The Kill

--- Guest Mix: Hardstyle Mafia ---

09. Nico & Tetta - Restart The Party (Digital Mindz & Riiho Remix)
10. Mind Hunterz - Weapons Of Mass Distortion
11. Freakshow - Innocent Blood
12. DJ Thera & Delete - Welcome
13. Hardstyle Mafia - Total Stranger
14. Freakshow - Death Wish
15. Zany meets The Beholder - Do You Want Heavy?