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Akira @ Q-Base 2013 PRSPCT

Terror   Crossbreed   Early Terror

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Lengte: 00:54:27
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1. Dr. Bastardo - Ruffneck Skillz (Stazma Acid Rush Remix)
2. Akira - Custom Grind
3. Tugie - Break It Down
4. The Outside Agency - Backpack Wisdom VIP
5. I:gor - Gangbang
6. Khaoz Engine - Hiroshima Style
7. Detest - The Big Exit
8. DJ Skull Vomit - Antigoon (Stazma Illegaly Violent Remix)
9. I:gor - Ice Breaker
10. Stazma The Junglechrist ft. Le Crabe - Nuisance 4
11. Drokz - F Da Police
12. The DJ Producer - Something (even) Stronger dub
13. Akira - XTRM Is What We Are
14. Stazma - Facial Injury
15. Stazma - Ragga Terror from Outer Space
16. Geoff Da Chef - Rehabilitated (Producer's Rehab Is For Quitterz Remix)
17. Hellfish - Sex Machine
18. Maissouille - Rock The Beat
19. Akira - Fast And Akkurad (Producers Tortured Dynamics Edit)
20. Tripped & Akira - Hard Spuitwater
21. Drokz & Akira - The Club Crushers
22. The Destroyer - Noise On The Bass (Tripped Remix)
23. Drokz, Akira & UVC - HKV Horror
24. D.O.A. - Wanna Be A Gangsta (Akira Brooklyn Annihilation Mix)
25. The Speed Freak - Jesus Was A Mutant
26. Hellfish - Boost The Dub
27. Tripped - Serial Wanker (The Producer's Super Abusive Mix)
28. Dolphin - Those Were The Days
29. Akira - Mongkok Breakz (VIP Version)
30. Hellseeker vs Doctor Terror - Fighting Monsters
31. DJ Narotic vs Lenny Dee - Ring Around The Pit (Brooklyn Bronx Mix)
32. DJ Skinhead - Extreme Terror (Strength Of Terror Mix)
33. Hammer Damage - They're All Cunts (Max Death's Tuff Shit Mix)
34. The Shaftmen - Shaftman
35. Rob Gee - Gabber Up Your Ass
36. Overcast - Attack!
37. Hellfish - Cut Faster
38. Tripped - Usaholls
39. The Teknoist vs Jonhty Warrior - Like A Whirlwind Made of Zombies
40. Hellfish - Greasy Fast Speed
41. Drokz - I Accept The Word Of Satan
42. D.O.A. - N.Y.C. Speedcore
43. Loffciamcore - Bad Touch At The love parade
44. Passenger Of Shit - Cockspew (Sadcore Remix)

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I don't hear anything between Stazma's antigoon remix and Icebreaker.
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
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I can't go to the first page of the comments.
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
On 15-02-2016 18:17:21, hardcorerepublic wrote:

I can't go to the first page of the comments.

It's a bug, happens with all sets.

The original tracklist and a comment on page 1 had an ID between those two tracks but I do not hear anything inbetween.