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Hyrule War @ Gas Erop Mr. Ivex Birthday


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My set at Gas Erop (Mr. Ivex Birthday Edition)
Thanks for all the people who where there and of course to Mr. Ivex for making such a huge party!


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1. Le Bask & NeuroKontrol - Spider Dark
2. Ohmboy & Hyrule War - Life's a bitch
3. Hyrule War - Jack The Mack
4. Mr. Ivex - Worldwide (Hyrule War 2013 Remix)
5. Hyrule War - Another Country
6. Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War - Runaway (Hyrule War Edit)
7. Ohmboy & Hyrule War - Are you bitches
8. Hyrule War - Turn Around (Make Those Moves)
9. Dr. Peacock & Hyrule War - Nowhere to Run
10. Ohmboy & Hyrule War - Greatest Nightmare
11. Brutal Jesters - Groundshaker
12. Hyrule War - Listen To My Shit
13. Ohmboy & Hyrule War - Church
14. Hyrule War - Purifier
15. Hyrule War - The Vast Desert
16. Hyrule War & Maximumraver - Our Message

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Een van de beste sets van de avond  :yay:  :worship:  :bomb:

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