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Krauser @ Club r_AW - X Equals Final

Hardcore   Crossbreed

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Lengte: 01:05:05

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I got a lot of questions if I recorded my set at Club r_AW last month. Unfortunately, I didn't. But because I really liked how my set turned out in the end, I decided to re-record it. I made this mix the Sunday after the party itself, so it's almost exactly the same as I played it at P60.
Hope you guys will enjoy it!

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1. Embrionyc - Clubwalker
2. Negative A & Tymon - Scrape
3. Bloodcage - Strangle & Mutilate
4. Ophidian - End The Earth
5. Sinister Souls ft. Gein & Bratkilla - Parasite Bandit
6. The Outside Agency & Current Value - They Are Human (Listen To Me VIP)
7. Sei2ure - Extermination
8. The Outside Agency & Sei2ure - Pacifists (Krauser's Tiny TOA Tribute)
9. Jane Ephex - Angel (Stormtrooper Remix)
10. Angerfist - Buckle Up And Kill
11. Sei2ure - Rocket Fuel
12. AK-Industry ft. Igneon System & N-Vitral - Reloaded
13. DJ Hidden - Earth Cry
14. Deathmachine - Dark Energy
15. Sinister Souls - Let Me In
16. Delta 9 - Ground Zero D9
17. The Outside Agency & Switch Technique - Senseless Society
18. Angerfist - Mafia
19. The Outside Agency - Hell's Basement
20. Hellfish - All My Friends Are Dead
21. Nosferatu - Running interference
22. The DJ Producer - Modus Operandi
23. The Outside Agency - End Boss

thehardcorechief -
Now i am gutted i didnt venture downstairs for this. Nice tracks! who was on up stairs when you played...???
Krauser -
Fuck YOU, THAT'S my name!
Thanks man!
I think Igneon System was ripping up the main area at the same time.
McBong [Set Editor] -
Lovely tracklist  :L

I really like your style  :thumbsup2: