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Tymon @ Convoi Exceptionnel Promo Mix

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: Hansolo @

Lengte: 00:59:53

Meer info
Convoi Exceptionnel is an event which transports you through the industrial styles, held in the North of the Netherlands. From Schranz/Hardtechno, passing Industrial to arrive at the ‘’broken hardcore’’ destination. Nothing more than violent machinery approached from different angles. No location fits this fusion of industrial styles better than the former Grainfactory ‘’Paradigm’’.

Gestemd door: Darksound Ownz Snifobiah yean0 Haatpiraat Hansolo eXcept sanderb91 The_real_overdoser Demanufacturer DJTheJoker didadonna Ulsen TheVinylraider LYRIZ pipox STAN. Knomo desiline Romolus
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  Convoy Intro
1. Catscan - ARP
2. Tymon - Darkroom Music
3. Counterfeit - The Loner Scene It All
4. Mindustries - Minds in Motion
5. Meccano Twins - Electrogod
6. Tymon - My Domain
7. Tymon & Waldhaus - Purgatory
8. Tymon & Ophidian - The One
9. Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Lead Dropping
10. Sei2ure - Destroy
11. Dither - Binary
12. The Hardcore Fiend - Rehab (Tymon Remix)
13. Ophidian - Spoken
14. Tymon - Fuck You Pay Me
15. Temper Tantrum - The Underground Anthem (Tymon Remix)
16. Ophidian & Tapage - Creating the Future
17. Stormtrooper - Beautiful Music
18. Ophidian - End the Earth II

SeN -
00. Wikluh Sky – Pazi šta radiš
Demanufacturer -
Gruwelijk veel zin in deze party!
Die remix van Rehab  o_O Godnondeju wat is die lekker zeg  :w00t:
Darksound -
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