Somatic Responses @ Signal Flow Podcast 56

Intelligent Dance Music   Industrial   Breakcore

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Today's podcast is a special release for Somatic Responses new album 'Photon Collisions' which you can buy exclusively at Bandcamp! This album is made for special reasons... for Cancer research. This is a 100% charitable release, no money will be made by SR or any of the artists, so please consider the scale and quality of this release when pressing the download button. We will declare our sales quarterly and ensure the receipt of money is visible to our chosen charities. It’s important that this compilation is a purely positive package. This wouldn’t have happened without the superb artists who gave music without question or contract, they just wanted to be a part of something, to create a Photon Collision of their own.

So please download this mix, buy the album and give to charity! Enjoy this special Thanksgiving day podcast! Thank you for the support!

Photon Collisions:

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