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Opsyde @ Home Mix - The Future Of Sound


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Anger Dealers:

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1. Crypsis - Oppose the Majors
2. Anger Dealers - Too Night
3. Beholder and Max Enforcer - The Preacher
4. Crypsis - Tuatara
5. Zatox meets the R3bels - Pumping Blood
6. D-Block and S-te-fan - Shallow Planet
7. Isaac - The Afterworld
8. Zany ft. The Pitcher - Guardian Angel
9. Anger Dealers - Nordnatt
10. Isaac - The Sound of the Underground
11. Zatox meets the R3bels - Choir
12. Anger Dealers - Structural Beatz
13. Digital Punk and Profyler - Dark Symphony

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Pithune -
Mass Vibrant
9. Anger Dealers - Nordnatt

tbh i dont like any of those tracks' climaxes

but the intros sound okay