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The Panacea , Counterstrike , Cooh , Limewax , Gancher & Ruin @ Position Chrome Label Night

Crossbreed   Drum & Bass

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This is a line-recording of the epic 1 hour back 2 back set The Panacea, Counterstrike, Cooh, Limewax, Gancher and Ruin played at the Position Chrome Night in Sofia on Oct. 25th 2013

Gestemd door: Hansolo LeD Zoran Dam1en Zero12 hazen hardcorerepublic kasselbrotzer xPureSoundx Gianlu DaybreakerDJ AlanIsDOMINATOR aura-p Morricone SeN p-nIce
Favoriet van: Hansolo Morricone

LeD -
Sooo fucking huuuge!
kasselbrotzer -
Halleluja !
Gianlu -
Probably the best set i've ever heard
p-nIce -
I usually dont like d&b but this is awesome!