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DJ Casketkrusher @ Gabber.FM Gabbers Nostalgia (Guest DJ)

Early Hardcore

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Lengte: 00:32:36

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Gestemd door: DJ_Casketkrusher Javi_Shock

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1. Sons of Aliens - The Final Solution
2. Wavelan - It Will Stand
3. Lord of Hardcore - Hellbound (Touche Turtle Mix)
4. George Vegas - Hyperdome (Heaven's Version)
5. Wavelan - Over Phase
6. Trax-X - Substance
7. The Scotchman - Asylum
8. Masters of Torture - Power of Yoga
9. Hyperact - Technotrance vs. M.C. XXX (G.T. Sampler Mix)
10. Dr. Mindfuck - Ooink!