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Sloperij Janssen & Majoor Moeilijk @ Slechte Voornemens II (Gabbaret Poppekast 2)

Breakcore   Speedcore   Splittercore

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Lengte: 01:52:00

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From the guys who brought you Absolutely Nothing Of Value and Can I Have This Hour Of My Life Back comes a new podcast for the infamous Gabbaret Records.
The dreaded sequal to Slechte Voornemens has arrived: Slechte Voornemens Part II: New And Deteriorated. Nearly two hours of breakcore, frenchcore, terror, speedcore, extratone, dancecore, splittercore and some other made up genres.

Together, Sloperij Janssen and Majoor Moeilijk are an unmatchable duo. Their activities are more evil than any other, their fists are the angriest in the scene and they raise parties like nobodies business. Make your life complete and book them NOW for your daughters sweet 16, the annual harley day, charity events for deranged musicians, wine tastings, your local gaybar or any event that involves stamp collecting.
Message the page admins from and/or

Also visit gabbaret records over at

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1. Wan Bushi - Eurodance Vibes part 5
2. E(')de DJ Team - Partyraising
3. Wan Bushi - Eurodance Vibes part 4
4. Nielos - Paradriaan
5. Detest - 211 BPM Running Onions
6. Shotgun Orchestra - I.NF.P
7. Sickboy - Take Me On
8. Majoor Moeilijk - Waarom Makkelijk Doen Als Je Moeilijk Bent?
9. Annoying Ringtone - Skip & Play
10. Weyheyhey !! - Little Batty Foo Foo
11. DJKurara - My Cookies Will Go On
12. Divtech - Kelly's Paradox
13. Sir.Vixx - Earrape
14. USA Kings - Powered By Zubrowka
15. Audiotist - Extreme Shuffling
16. USA Kings - Money Power
17. H5N1 - Bloodbath
18. Divtech - Fear2
19. Sloperij Janssen & Majoor Moeilijk - Harlem Rape
20. Goreshit - Raveland Revisited (Extra Shit Mix)
21. Dave! - Ignition (Intro)
22. The Speed Freak - Weapons Of Mass Confusion
23. Imil - Over My Shoulder (M1dlet Remix)
24. Vitamin - De Ongestelde Flamingo
25. Wan Bushi - The Most Happy Individual Of The World (New Skool Mix)
26. Alex Tune - Feel The Hyper Rythm
27. Goreshit - Gabberz Up!
28. The Quick Brown Fox - Electrohell
29. DJKurara - Carry Pam Mashup
30. Poor Jiffy - Cheer For Brrgazzen! He Cannot Be Defeated By A Mama-samurai!
31. DJKurara - Hyperhappy Lovestory
32. Da Bitchen' - Rev1val Of The Strongest
33. Reizoko Cj - Hardcore Syndrome
34. Lord Of Sp33d - Snorting K
35. 2nnt - SPEEDKNUT
36. Cakanir - Speed Dogs
37. Imil & M1dlet - Bailandorape
38. Onichomp - High As A Kite
39. M1dy - Over 400bpm Extream Pop Music
40. Imil - My Album Is Out On Dance Corps So Now I Am Allowed To Do A Dancecore, Yay!
41. Kurwastyle Project - Scatman (Extreme Splitter Remix)
42. Annoying Ringtone - Extratone Firestorm

HardT3K-Tic [Set Editor] -
Majoor Moeilijk - Waarom Makkelijk Doen Als Je Moeilijk Bent?  xD  xD  xD  _O-  _O-
Pluiz -
Naamstemmen sowieso. Maar na een x aantal minuten toch maar gestopt  :p
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Paradriaan hehe nice!

Leuke mix  :D
lamtak -
Combobreaker Podcast
2 uur, holy shit. Dat is geen slecht voornemen meer, maar een oorlogsverklaring.
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
Added new download link with fixed audio. Hope you guys enjoy  :)
GabbaretgRecords -
Ziekelijke mix mannûh!  :p
AggressivePirata -
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
Jullie zijn lief  :L
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
♪ ♫♫ ♪
Zalig dit  :D
TKBeeckman -
Geniale set  :w00t:  :yay:
HarryVanDeSunweb -
Directe download, Meesterlijke set  :yay:
Sporadic -
 :D hahaha great work !!  :bomb:  :yay:
HakkeTakke -
The Harder The Better
Imil -
Zeer slechte voornemens weer, en daarmee geniaal.
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
On 20-01-2014 01:33:11, Maximumraver wrote:

Jullie zijn lief  :L
Imil -
Bij de weg; tussen M1dy - Over 400bpm Extream Pop Music en Kurwastyle Project - Scatman (Extreme Splitter Remix) zit ook nog Imil - My Album Is Out On Dance Corps So Now I Am Allowed To Do A Dancecore, Yay!

Danku daarvoor. (Y)
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
No problem!  :D

En woeps, dan heb ik een foutje gemaakt in de tracklist  :$ FF fixen!  :p
Correctie: ff stijn vragen of hij dat kan fixen, ik kan de tracklist etc. niet meer editen  :(
Gewijzigd door Maximumraver op 09-02-2014 17:18
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
♪ ♫♫ ♪
Ik mag dan wel geen Stijn heten, maar fixen kan ik ook  :p
Maximumraver [Set Editor] -
aka Sloperij Janssen
Danku  :L
DelugeOfSound [Moderator] -
Ehm yea, I completely forgot about this. Thanks HCR.