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The Hardcore Grinder @ Hardcore Maniacs Promomix

Hardcore   Crossbreed

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The Hardcore Grinder @ 11 Years Hardcore Maniacs, Freestyle Area - Promo Mix (All Vinyl)

Was waiting on a fresh batch of vinyl to do this one. So I hit the decks right after opening my package, played for 30min et voilà... Le promo mix!!
Enjoy loudly and hopefully I catch some of you at the party!!!

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1. Dither - Numeric Representation
2. Tripped - Serial Wanker (Detest Remix)
3. Igneon System - Fuck God
4. Micromakine & Deathmachine - Behind The Machines
5. Loop Stepwalker & eRRe - David Likes Chopped VIP
6. Delta 9 & Fiend - Drag Me to Hell
7. Detest - Every Second
8. DJ Mad dog - A night of madness (N3ar Remix)
9. Sinister Souls - Black Book
10. Weapon X - Cokesniffer (Synapse Remix)