Shoutbox: [10:08] DelugeOfSound: Skiing is dope tho. I remember when I worked in Norway for a few months, I had a rental house that was practically at the end of a ski slope. Snowboarding after work was pretty neat

Dario @ Show Me Your Dirty Face


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After 6 months of inactivity I'm back and I bring you some Raw beats !!

Hope you'll enjoy it !

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1. Warface - Show Me Your Warface (Loudness DJ Tool)
2. Kronos - Kaboom
3. Frequencerz - Rockstar
4. Kold Konexion - Silent Secrets
5. Radical Redemption - Prostitute
6. Chris One & The Machine - Different Kind of Therapy (Different mix)
7. Regain ft. Kona Black - Grim Reaper (Original Mix)
8. Radical Redemption - Brutal 3.0
9. The Machine - Rollin'
10. E-Force & Luna - Masterclass (HC Edit)
11. Destructive Tendencies - Fucking Up The Mainstream
12. Tieum & Angerfist - Dirty Man

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