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Andy The Core @ Hardcore4Life 2014


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Lengte: 01:00:37
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1. Andy The Core - Tieum Mirotonic Mashup (DJ Tool)
2. Andy The Core - Say It
3. Andy The Core - The Worst
4. The Punisher - Bang Bastard
5. Andy The Core - Miss K8 Mash Up (DJ Tool)
6. Andy The Core - Beat Diz (I Just Wanna Be A Raver) (Tribute)
7. Negative A & Counterfeit - Ritual Song (DJ Tool)
8. Andy The Core - The Cutter
9. Hoeppi - Vulcano Hurricane Junky
10. Da Horseman & Bartoch - Barakis Keteur
11. Andy The Core - Virus D
12. Angerfist & Tieum - Shitty Rave Track
13. Andy The Core - Serious People
14. Turbulence - 6 Million Ways To Die (F. Noize Remix)
15. Angerfist - Street Fighter
16. Section Grabuge - People Will Die (Tieum Remix)
17. Negative A - Hellfire
18. Andy The Core - Point Of View
19. Tieum - Speaker
20. Denekamps Gespuis - Gas Met Die Zooi (Tha Playah Remix)
21. Angerfist - Chaos And Evil

Marc_Hardest -
After Virus D, shitty rave track and serious people
D-Kore -
Before Virus D, Da Horseman & Bartoch-Barakis Keteur
YVES1908 -
Beter dit setje ook nu nog die van Wars Industry en Repix die waren ook  :worship:
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
Is #5 Miss K8 - Mash Up (DJ Tool) a tool by Miss K8 or Andy? So it would be: Andy The Core - Miss K8 Mash Up (DJ Tool)
JeffreyFCT [Set Editor] -
On 23-01-2015 13:12:00, Hansolo wrote:

Is #5 Miss K8 - Mash Up (DJ Tool) a tool by Miss K8 or Andy? So it would be: Andy The Core - Miss K8 Mash Up (DJ Tool)

You're right, my fault, it's a mashup bij Andy The Core. Same story for track 1.