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Thrasher , Bong-ra & Limewax @ The Hard Way Podcast


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The Hard Way Podcast!!
To get you boys & girls hyped up for the new album here is a special The Hard Way podcast featuring tracks from their debut album.
The boys aka Limewax Official, Bong-Ra & Thrasher did not feel like recording a Hardcore DnB mix but thought it would be much more fun to just play you a selection of records that they listen to at home and/or that have influenced them. This mixed up with new album tracks off course.
So sit down, relax, grab a beer and chill the fuck out to this awesome collection of music!

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1. The Hard Way - Devil Worshipping Motherfuckers (album version)
2. Bad Brains - Attitude
3. Ministry - Just One Fix
4. The Hard Way - Meatstick
5. Buddy Miles - Them Changes
6. Pithecanthropus Erectus - Charles Mingus
7. The Hard Way - The Hard Way (album version)
8. Johnny Cash - The Man Comes Around
9. Sbali Ugur - Palemop
10. The Hard Way - Total Fucking Nihilism
11. The Clash - Guns Of Brixton
12. Enzyme X - Rauwkost
13. The Hard Way - Dead Rockstars
14. Motorhead - We Are The Road Crew
15. Danko Jones - Full Of Regrets
16. The Hard Way - Sodomizer
17. SPL - The Sickness
18. Slayer - Black Magic (live version)
19. The Hard Way - Crackhouse Warming Party
20. The Deadboys - All This And More
21. Looh - Glassius
22. The Hard Way - Hallal Breaks (Bring The Porkchops)
23. Marduk - Panzer Division
24. The Hard Way - Humor Of The Tumor
25. Blind Willy Johnson - Dark Was The Night

Zoran -
It's more of a rock or metal (or whatever this is) podcast than everything else  :(
Nvidia -
Yea ur right  :( I changed the tags
wafster -
How can I download this...absolutely HATE mixcloud!
Haatpiraat -
On 05-03-2014 18:45:51, wafster wrote:

How can I download this...absolutely HATE mixcloud!
TheCarcass -
This is hardcore  :)
Rocking beats with rocking sounds  :)