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Desudo @ Gearbox Weekender 2.0 Promo


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On the 28th and 29th of March

The legendary Gearbox Weekender returns to Karma Lounge for a 2nd installment, in Celebration of Raymond Gold's 21st Birthday.

The first weekender, in celebration of Desudo's 25th Birthday, was a major success that saw some of the best talent in the scene travelling from all over the UK and Ireland to take part in a full weekend of Hard Dance. It was only a matter of time before we followed up on the success of the first event.

So once again, we will be offering no less than 8 headline acts and will be covering everything from Techno to Hardstyle, Electro to Hard Trance on both the Friday and the Saturday nights from some of the biggest names in the business.

DJ Splinta (Aus - Scottish debut as part of his 1st UK tour)
DJ Rufio (Aus - Scottish debut as part of his 1st UK tour)
Ric Henderson
Beamer vs Wildcard

Techno from
Grakus & Ram
Binnie & Hogg
Baron Von Filth
House Junkie
Innes Wallace & Kyle Matheson

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01. Splinta feat. Desudo - Gearbox Anthem 2014
02. Splinta - I Got The Remedy (Rufio Remix)
03. Danny Williamson & Quinny - Audio Warfare (Dexi & Splinta Remix)
04. Danny Williamson & Ric Henderson - Krave (Hard Mix)
05. Vontek - Equinox
06. Rufio & Vthekid - Body Shock
07. Splinta & Rinski & Walt - Let The Music Go (Splinta Mash Up)
08. Ultraviolence - Deception (Splinta Remix)
09. Splinta & Xdream - Sick Like That
10. Splinta & Rufio - Out Of It
11. Dark By Design & Sykesy - Queen Of Klubz
12. Dark By Design & Sykesy - Masachist
13. Cunning Linguists (Dark By Design & Sykesy) - Cunning Stunts
14. Re-Tech - Deployment

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