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Early Hardstyle   Hardstyle

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1. Space Frog ft. The Grim Reaper - (X-Ray) Follow Me 2002 (Derb Remix)
2. K-Traxx - Hardventure (2005 Tatanka Remix)
3. DJ Duro - Just Begun (Showtek remix)
4. Twister's Silence - Listen To Me Mama (DJ Scot Project Remix)
5. The KGB's - Yerba Diabolika (TBY Mix)
6. The Raiders - Salamandra (Hardstyle Masterz Remix)
7. Dutch Master - Insomnia

sinenV -
 :yawn: Same shit every time.
Serbie -
On 21-03-2014 17:24:49, sinenV wrote:

:yawn: Same shit every time.

Agreed. This may as well be a repost of Dana's set from XQ Brennan Heart  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown:  :thumbsdown: