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DJ Parra HF @ The Freestyle Hour Episode 22

Hardstyle   Hardtrance   Hardcore

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01-Digital Express - The Club
02-Dj Jose vs G-Spott - House of Justice (G Project Rmx)
03-S.O. Project - Direct Dizko
04-Dj Vortex & Arpa´s Dream - Incoming (Arome Rmx)
05-Thalamus - Hybrid
06-Walt - Let The Music Play
07-Dj Rob - In Your Face
08-Dutchmasters - Take Some
09- Jimmy The Sound - Modulo 3000 (Dj Tool)
10-Zany & Tatanka - Front 2 Back
11-Headhunterz - The Saifam Mash Up
12-The Prophet - Afsluitplaatje
13-Pat B - Wall of Dead
14-Paul Elstak & Ruffian - Without Sin
15-The Viper - Control The Refix

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