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Maynor @ Together We Are Hardcore Festival - Early Hardcore DJ Contest

Early Hardcore

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1. Andreas Dorau - Stoned Faces Don't Lie (Ilsa Gold Remix)
2. Active Force - Head Like A Pac Man
3. Genaside - Eliminator
4. Firestarter - Burn Mother Fucker!
5. Technosis - Energize (Scott Brown Mix)
6. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Our House is Your House
7. Skorpus Ravers Vs. Cyntex - Bomb De Bomb
8. Scott Brown - Detonated
9. Omar Santana - Take Me Higher
10. Re-Charge - Bumrush
11. Simtec Vs. Slamdog - This One Goes Out To You
12. DJ Isaac Vs. The Viper - Back At The Top
13. Angel - Take Me Away (Original Mix)
14. The Coalition - 9MM
15. Tellurian - Bloody Fucking Hardcore
16. Square Dimensione - Baddest muthafucker (Buzzy's anthem mix)
17. The Lawyer - Yo DJ (Buzz Fuzz Remix)
18. DJ Devon - (Bitch Betta Have) My Money
19. Fuckin Hostile - Fuckin Hostile

Psychologic -
Nice mix. Good luck with the contest.
Maynor -
Contest is already over, didn't win. That's why I'm posting it on lsdb now.
pauzofhauz -
niet gewonnen? met zo'n vette set!

Technosis - Energize (Scott Brown Mix)  :thumbsup2: