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Meccano Twins @ Meccaniks Theory #2 Remixes


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Meccano Twins have been for years a project of pure experiments, with a different point of view on Hardcore. It’s now the time to explain that point of view, our point of view. Hardcore Meccaniks is our new project, created to share with you our vision of the Hardcore universe. On each episode we will explain you a different style of Hardcore, using nothing but the music as instrument of knowledge, different Theories to explain different elements of this infinite universe that we normally call “Hardcore”.

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1. AK-Industry ft. Billy S. - Monster (Ophidian Remix)
2. Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot that Motherfucker (Negative A Remix)
3. Promo - Different Breed Of Man (Meccano Twins Remix)
4. Satronica - Life Blood Pain Death (Tymon Remix)
5. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (Ophidian Remix)
6. Wedlock - Acid Rain (Nosferatu & Meccano Twins Remix)
7. Lloyd - Dedication To My Ex (Unexist Bootleg)
8. The Stunned Guys & Art Of Fighters - United By Hardness (Meccano Twins Remix)
9. Ruffneck - The Enemy (Nosferatu Remix)
10. Placid K - Compagneros (Endymion Remix)
11. D-Passion - Blacklist Amok (Meccano Twins Remix)
12. DJ Mad dog - A night of madness (N3ar Remix)
13. Endymion & The Viper ft. FERAL is KINKY - Raging In The Dancehall (The Outside Agency Remix)
14. Weapon X - Coke Sniffer (Synapse Remix)
15. Destroid - Raise Your Fist (Meccano Twins Remix)
16. Endymion & Nosferatu - Act of God (Break Neck Mix)
17. D-Passion - Knocking Walls Down (Promo Remix)
18. Promo & Meccano Twins - Unafraid To Ignite (Mash Up)
19. Skrillex - Ragga Bomb (Art of Fighters Bootleg)

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