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Nosle & Daemonic @ 'Hardstyle Revolution Chapter XVI: Special Guest Daemonic' Chapter XVI


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Nosle presents 'Hardstyle Revolution Chapter XVI: Special Guest Daemonic'

DAEMONIC - Mateusz "Mayer" Majerski & Adrian "Darknoise" Skorupa.
Hardstyle producers and DJs from Poland. They've started to work together 1 year ago (in June 2013).
They makes Raw Hardstyle music and they are not signed to any label for now.
They are supported supported by artists like E-Force, Luna, Sasha F, Regain, Enigmato, Nosle and many more!


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  Special Guest Daemonic set:
1. Daemonic - X-Files
2. Chaotic Spirit & Regain - For Real (Sick Sense Remix)
3. Reverser & Ripcord - Membrane
4. Delete - Pulse (Catatonic Overload Remix)
5. Regain - Bathed in Blood
6. Adventum - Clock Is Ticking
7. Regain vs. Daemonic - Silesia in Editz
8. Luminite - The Portals
9. Daemonic vs Sanctorium - The Massacre
  Nosle set:
10. Preacker - Wind Of Happiness
11. The Prophet - Tracking The Beat
12. Toneshifterz - Can't Fail
13. Raxtor - Wild Skin
14. Noisecult - Punchlines
15. Raxtor - Nightfall
16. Zany & Ran-D ft. Nikkita - Son Of Torture