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Armageddon Project @ Twisted's Darkside Podcast 189

Industrial Hardcore

Toegevoegd door: ColinHQ @
Laatst gewijzigd door: Hansolo @

Lengte: 01:00:29

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Country: Italy
Label: The Third Movement

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Favoriet van: Abrikozenjam

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1. Armageddon Project - Silent Rest of the Undefeated
2. Armageddon Project - Flight Of The Phoenix
3. Life:::runs:::red meets Tymon - Distorture
4. Armageddon Project - A cocked pistol
5. Armageddon Project & Catscan - Wasp
6. Meccano Twins - Gamma Release
7. Armageddon Project - Beat Conductor
8. Promo - I kept the faith
9. Amnesys - Massacre
10. Armageddon Project - Scorn Of A Dying Glare
11. Tymon vs Waldhaus - Banghoe
12. Deathmachine - Artificial Genesis
13. N-Vitral - Such Kick
14. Armageddon Project - The Reverb Of A Promise
15. Meccano Twins ft. Art Of Fighters - The Dark Universe
16. Mindustries - Vengeance
17. Micron - Free from your lies
18. Life:::Runs:::Red - Theta break
19. Armageddon Project - K-Hole Unfold
20. Armageddon Project - Ashes We Are

ijskonijn -
Well this is a very nice surprise! Haven't heard from these guys in a while!
tripomatic -
"nou, dat dus........."
yummy! <3
tripomatic -
"nou, dat dus........."
Holy Shit!

Life:::runs:::red meets Tymon - Distorture  :worship:
Bassbasilisk -
Oh YES ! Armageddon Project  :thumbsup2:

The "old" tracks are still timeless  :hungry:
Abrikozenjam -
Iedereen is gek (behalve ik)!
erg goede set
Dfact -
Lekker!! Die komt in de auto  :)
Nielos -
Frenchkickz Records Owner
Ohh lekker, ff wat Industrial opknallen  :D