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Audiotricz @ Hard With Style Episode 34


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Headhunterz presents: HARD with STYLE- Episode 34 - presented by Audiotricz

For this month's very special episode, HARD with STYLE has invited Audiotricz as the hosts for HWS34. If anyone is doing a good job right now in the scene, it's definitely these guys!

Premiering no less than 3 new and exclusive tracks, the rising stars have been getting things done lately. Make sure you check out their collabs with TNT and Atmozfears, plus their new track featuring Miss Palmer. With a slew of great releases (+ more to come) and a super-busy summer schedule, these guys are a perfect fit for hijacking this month's episode.

Having established itself as a platform for Hardstyle in general, rather than just another label, HARD with STYLE is proud to work with these Dutch heroes. All's been said and done, Audiotricz, take it away!

Start your weekend with a bang and play it loud! - Enjoy HARD with STYLE wherever you are and make sure you share this one with your friends, using #HWS34

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1. Audiotricz ft. Miss Palmer - Never Leaving
2. Da Tweekaz - #Tweekay14
3. Noisecontrollers - Unsure
4. Code Black - Unleash The Beast
5. Audiotricz & TNT - Ghettoblaster
6. Wildstylez - A Complex Situation
7. F8trix - Let Me Hear You
8. Afrojack - Ten Feet Tall (Brennan Heart & Code Black Remix)
9. Rebourne - Under Our Surface (Outlands 2014 Anthem)
10. The Hose - I Survived
11. Audiotricz & Atmozfears - Raise Your Hands
12. Frontliner & Sway - Just Film It
13. Waverider - The Way
14. Hard Driver - Bass Drops
15. Bass Modulators - Bounce & Break (Atmozfears Remix)
16. The Prophet & Adaro - I'm the King