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Krauser @ Defqon.1 2014 Orange warm-up


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Only one week to go untill Defqon.1 2014 starts off. I'll be performing there twice, on the Silver stage and the Orange stage.
To prep myself, I made two mixes, one for each area I'll be performing in. This is the mix for the Orange area. I tried making this one about up-tempo melodic hardcore. So if you like this mix, why not come and check me out in the Orange area on the 28th of June?  :)

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1. DJ Predator & Art of Fighters - The Experiment
2. Tommyknocker - Crunk
3. Pandorum - The Test
4. Art Of Fighters & Endymion - Plastic Surgery
5. Nosferatu - Have It Your Way
6. DJ D - Shock The Future
7. Promo ft. D-Passion - Analog
8. Meccano Twins - Ignite
9. Ruffneck & Nosferatu - Soul Shock
10. Nyocore - Raver's Area
11. Mad Dog - Re-Enter The Timemachine (Amnesys Re-Enter Mix)
12. Tha Playah - I Call Tha Shots
13. Emphasis - Bust Your Ass
14. DJ Mad Dog - Disorder
15. Nosferatu - System 5601

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