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The Unfamous @ The Third Movement Radio - Le Grand Méchant Beat Podcast


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Le Grand Méchant Beat aka Big Bad Beats on The Third Movement Radio hosted a mix by The Unfamous, a french artist who's burning the danceflorr since almost 15 years now. He played in numerous big parties all over the hardcore countries... ENJOY !

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1. Unexist - Power Of Underground
2. Catscan & Counterfeit - Perception Of Fear
3. Soulshaver vs DJ Tsx - Black mass
4. D-Passion ft. Promo - Back To Hell
5. DJ Mad Dog & AniMe - Bassdrum music
6. Unexist & Tieum - Hands Around My Neck
7. DJ Mad Dog - The Flow (Advanced Dealer Remix)
8. Darkcontroller - Twisted Fuck (The Unfamous Remix)
9. Psiko vs DJ TSX - Crisis failure
10. Hardbouncer - God Core (Billy The Kid Remix)
11. The Unfamous - Blow Your Brains
12. Partyraiser - From The Westcoast
13. The Unfamous - Drugs Problem
14. Exagon & Goblin - Attack the Floor
15. The Unfamous - Rock N Core
16. SRB - Geile Booster
17. Chrono - Hell No!
18. The Unfamous vs DJ TSX - Falling down
19. Drokz - I derserve to get drunk
20. Paul Elstak & Firestone - One Day We Kill Em All (SRB Remix)