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Siders @ Presents 'Amateurs Shows'


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Maybe It's Hitlist Story , but still good set gyus...

Gestemd door: Irys djblacksun DJArvee harderstyles Xerxes Legolas Q-DanCe__


1.Tatact - Suck My Style
2.Tat And Zat - Skleroxx
3.Radial Playerz meets Racid - Hard Society
4.Stephy - Air One
5.Dj Phil Ty - A Kay A (Ehm Mix)
6.Plasmaravers - Shake And Dancing (Original Mix)
7.Brainkicker - Mash Hairy
8.Noisecontrollers - Ctrl Alt Delete (Original Mix)
9.Crypsis - Jealousy
10.Wildstylez - Truth
11.Abyss And Judge - The Vision
12.D-block And S-te-fan - Music Made Addict
13.Deepack - Turnin Da Heat Up (Feat. Mc Jb)
14.Deepack - Here's Johnny [Brennan Heart Remix] - The End

Irys -
good job siders  ;)