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Magnus @ Open Up 069

Psytrance   Progressive

Toegevoegd door: Motorhead @

Bestandstype: MP3
Lengte: 00:58:50

Meer info
Magnus delivers us a 1 hour guestmix of blasting-mind Progressive Psytrance

Gestemd door: MattiX
Favoriet van: Motorhead

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1. Slackjoint - Journeys (Original Mix)
2. Tristan & Magik & Outsiders - Into the Light
3. Magnus - 230am
4. Mechanimal - Oceans Of Joy
5. Silent Sphere - I'm Not Sick
6. Spectra Sonics - Anyone out There (Sonic Species Remix)
7. Protonica - Codes (Zen Mechanics Remix)
8. Magnus - 2nd Born (Jirah Remix)
9. Sonic Species - Strictly Virtual (Symbolic Remix)