Shoutbox: [00:19] ProPodziemie: But ok, I will show a minimum of interest.  xD It's boring, weak, poor arrangement, unless 100 percent this someone created it on some synthesizer without ready presets, then it would be... with some small potential, small, but significant. My rating 3/10  =]

BlackSun @ Presents 'Amateurs Shows'


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Lengte: 01:02:08

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Hardcore + Darkside Drum & Bass + Gabber + some sounds of schranz

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Hellsystem - Undercover
Promo - Time To Shine
Promo - The Grower
Cooh - Moscow
Antichristus - Burning Soul
Cytech - The 6th Sense
Antichristus - Panzer Division
Lorcsyric - Fuck 'Em All
Brainwash - Loosing Control
Brainwash - Mental Breakdown
MixMann - Future Gabbas Beat
Angerfist - Take U back (Damage Remx)