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Mark N @ Under Sufferance Mix 2003

Early Terror   Breakcore   UK Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:12:14

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DJ Mark N - Under Sufferance Mix 2003

"DJ mix recorded and released as a digipak CD in November 2003 by the now defunct French hardcore label Epileptik."

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1. I:gor - End Of Days
2. Epsilon - No Try
3. Traffik - Bit Stream
4. I:Gor - I Don't Give A Fuck
5. Doormouse - Gay
6. Noize Creator - Let The Rhythm Pump
7. Disassembler - Cold Hate
8. FFF - Soundwaves Are Reversing
9. Rude Ass Tinker - Silk Ties
10. Maladroit - Puppet Masta
11. Epsilon - Swimmingliver Drunk
12. Template - 21%
13. Syndicate - Grim Reaper (Remix)
14. Fraughman - I Don't Belong
15. Minion - Feeling A Bit Numb
16. Astro & Physics - Movement I (Overcast Remix)
17. Doormouse - Skelechairs
18. De-Koder - Knife (Paul Blackout Remix)
19. South Of London - Death In The Family
20. Overcast - Cut Session

thehardcorechief -
I`ve been hammering this mix lately. Absolute classic mix, with a fantastic broad range of styles, and some great turntablism layered over the top. Still sounds the  :bomb: 11 years on!  :thumbsup2:
Gewijzigd door thehardcorechief op 10-07-2014 09:40
Hansolo [Set Editor] -
In my opinion is this Breakcore, no Early Terror.
Psychologic -
Track 13 is Early Terror, also the tag covers a couple of the straight Hardcore tracks. Also track 16 and 18 are Drum and Bass tracks.

One of the best mixes I've ever heard in my life. Still play the CD regularly after 11 years.
hardcorerepublic [Moderator] -
On 12-07-2014 19:48:55, Hansolo wrote:

In my opinion is this Breakcore, no Early Terror.

What do you suggest?  :)
tripomatic -
"nou, dat dus........."
prolly also UK Hardcore & Drum&Bass