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T-Junction & Rudeboy @ Dark Menace HC#37


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Here is our 37th hardcore broadcast! and this time we got the no one less then T-Junction & Rudeboy. These guys from MOH Records delivered a smashing hardcore mix thats a little bit harder then they normally play so make sure you grab this because its something crazy  :D!!

Next week we will have Mindustries!! they are known for there slow and fast but powerfull Industrial hardcore so dont miss this and tune from 20:00-21:00 at TTM-Radio next Wednesday!!

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1. Enzyme X - Russian Roulette
2. N-Vitral - Ten Ton Hammer
3. Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear (Catscan remix)
4. T-Junction - Stomp
5. Angerfist - Don’t Fuck With Me
6. Radical Redemption & Drokz - Unparalelled Evil
7. Dyprax & Bodyshock - Ominous
8. Alien T - Hydra
9. Angerfist - The Fast Lane (Rayden & Hellsystem remix)
10.T-Junction & Rudeboy - The Abomination
11. Rudeboy - Midnight Massacre
12. D-Passion - Blacklist Amok (Mecano Twins remix)
13. Mad Dog - Night Of Madness (N3ar remix)
14. Angerfist & Radium - Assault
15. Ketanoise - Disto Dancer
16. Eastside Connection - Our Message (Bodyshock remix)

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Tracklist wil come later today  ;)
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HC more than a Music!!!
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