Shoutbox: [18:19] ProPodziemie: I listened to DJ AniMe and Miss K8 for the first time and I'm impressed. The most amazing thing is that women are able to create such a good hard!  :o

Audioholik @ Hardclassics 2014 Warmup

Early Hardstyle   Hardtrance

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Lengte: 01:17:41

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A warmup mix for the great Hardclassics party!

Gestemd door: Roan456 Hansolo

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1. Kyau vs Albert - Save Me (Derb Remix)
2. Warmduscher - Hardcore Will Never Die (DERB Remix)
3. Thomas Rubin - Cold Night (DJ Scot Project Remix)
4. Talla 2XLC - Come With Me (DJ Scot Project Remix)
5. Megaphone - H.C.M.F.
6. Knockout - DJ Spin The Records
7. Smashing Guys - Step Inside the Party
8. Overload - The Anthem (Gesko vs Mavor Mix)
9. Tatarola ft. Da Rook Mc - Insane (Original Tatanka Mix)
10. Zappaman - Lawn Mower (My Garden Looks So Cool Mix)
11. TNT - DJ Without A Brain (Technoboy Mix)
12. K-Traxx - Hardventure (2005 Tatanka Remix)
13. Technoboy ft. Shayla - Oh My God (Technoboy Dib Dub)
14. Zatox - Apocalypse (Hardstyle Version)
15. Hardstyle Masterz - Rambo Is A Pussy
16. Ivan Carsten - Amazing Combination (Technoboy's Old Style Mix)
17. The Raiders - Disk Warrior (Warrior Mix)

Roan456 -
Lekker Erik!!
Audioholik -
Thanks  :D