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Tatanka @ Defqon.1 2014 Blue Stage


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Lengte: 01:14:33
Gestemd door: DJ_Hyperactive P4RTYLOV3R bull83 AkiraDark95

DJ_Hyperactive -
01.Tatanka - Shine Again
02.ID - ID (Wake Up Call?)
03.Wild Motherfuckers - Wild Wild West
04.Tatanka - Arabika (2014 Edit)
05.Zatox & Tatanka ft. Max P - Victorious & Glorious (Official Emporium 2014 Anthem)
06.Ran-D ft. E-Life - The Hunt (Official Intents Festival 2014 Anthem)
07.Wild Motherfuckers - Natural Born Raver
08.Kronos - MF Crew
09.Zatox & Tatanka - Gangsta (Wild Motherfuckers Decibel 2013 Edit)
10.DJ Duro - Just Begun (Remix/Edit?)
11.Zatox - Red Alert
12.Tatanka - ID (Welcome to the Jungle?)
13.The Prophet - L.O.U.D.E.R.
14.Wild Motherfuckers - Insomnia
Housefreaky -
Dan ga ik toch voor Tatanka @ Defqon.1 2014 (MAGENTA)  8-)
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thijs1986 -
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