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Krauser @ Defqon.1 2014 Silver

Industrial Hardcore   Hardcore

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Lengte: 01:00:45

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This right here is my performance as the opening act of the Silver area of Defqon.1 2014.

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1. Shatterling - Waking World
2. Endymion & The Outside Agency - Pretty Much Fucked
3. Void Settler - Her Naked Thin Glass-Made Clock
4. Cubic Nomad - Revolt
5. Niveau Zero - Jasmine
6. The Outside Agency - Godspeed
7. Embrionyc - Not Quite Forgotten
8. Biomek - Realm Of Existence
9. D-Passion - Painting Outside
10. Dep Affect - Hypersensitive
11. Promo & Armageddon Project - Righteous Infliction Of Retribution
12. Wavolizer - Debt of Blood VIP
13. Synaptic Memories - Analogic Pressure
14. Angel - Like That
15. Wavolizer ft. Yuna-X - Fragile
16. Ophidian & Hamunaptra - Whispers of A Nameless Fear
17. Tymon - Darkroom Music
18. Meagashira - We Are Outsiders
19. Meccano Twins - Sinapse (Ophidian Remix)

Jipdenk -
19.  :worship:
tripomatic -
"nou, dat dus........."
 :worship: Promo & Armageddon Project - Righteous Infliction Of Retribution  :worship:
McBong [Set Editor] -
One of the few real industrial sets on the silver it seems... Apart from Fracture 4 and Mindustries it was more or less Crossbreed and UK Hardcore.
Not bad but I thought it's the industrial stage...

But nice set here  :thumbsup:
MattiX -
Nice really enjoyed it love the intro ill be checking ur sets from now on  :)
Jatoch -
Lekker setje!
Sassie -
It's a shame that I didn't listen the set until today, but what a nice set. It contains a lot of my personal favorites. Definitely one set to keep.  :)
Gewijzigd door Sassie op 19-12-2014 21:32