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The Occultist @ Mad As Hell

Drum & Bass

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65 minutes two turntable timecode mix of 40 tracks and tools from different sources. Building it up speedwise from newskool to oldskool in various music styles like breakcore, drum 'n bass, hardcore, hiphop and industrial. Amen break action and turntable tricks garanteed. Recorded August 2014 after two times receiving my mixer back not properly repaired by Vestax, ending up receiving a new mixer.
Ab-Hinc's Farkhulse Fist Reconfigurations (2013) are remixes of the original Farkhulse Fist (1997). Reconfigurations names only the artist names of the remixes, hence the tracklisting.
Ortofon's Beat 2 is taken from the Ortofon 95th Anniversary package (2013) containing gatefold sleeve, vinyls, slipmats, usb and catalogue.
DJ Fly Feat. Scratch Bandits Crew their track Cinematix is taken from DJ Fly's album Insolite (2013). Inspired by my trip to the DMC World DJ Championships in London last year where DJ Fly took one of the world DJ titles.
Most Wanted's Calm Down (1989) features my version of UK DJ Skully's winning DMC routine back in 2002.
Stephen Webber's Entrancing Miles is taken from the 7 inch vinyls which came with the book Turntable Technique (2009). Stephen Webber is responsible for excellent music and books.
Nasenbluten's Fuck The Politics (1997) contains some sampling from Badder Than Evil's Hot Wheels (1973). This is my version of Australian DJ Mark N's routine with these two records back in 2012. Mark N obviously being a member of Nasenbluten from Bloody Fist Records (1994 - 2004) and a huge influence.
Embolism's The Player (1998) is also a Bloody Fist tune and features some pitch playing during beatjuggling the records.
There's doubt if Smoke Him is really by Nasenbluten or just inspired by it. Few info is to be found about this track.
I'm surprised I would put so much old records in a mix again. Or am I? Aah what the heck, one more fucking time for the rush and nostalgia of it. Mad as hell.

Gestemd door: TheOccultist hardcorerepublic

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1. Boards Of Canada - Semena Mertvykh
2. The Teknoist - No Known Cure
3. Ab-Hinc - Farkhulse Fist Reconfigurations (Freudenberger)
4. Current Value - Crusader VIP
5. DJ Craze - Bully Breaks 4
6. Ortofon - Beat 2
7. DJ Fly ft. Scratch Bandits Crew - Cinematix
8. Equinox - Acid Rain (Breakage Final Chapter VIP)
9. Ab-Hinc - Farkhulse Fist Reconfigurations (Kovert)
10. movie sample "I'm as mad as hell" Network (1976)
11. Katharsys & Cooh - Dark Red
12. Donny - Swarm & Multiply
13. Fortitude - Ritualistic Mendacity
14. Le Jad - Nervous Sentence
15. eRRe & Hardlogik ft. Syrinx - D.I.E.
16. Current Value - Integer
17. Peter Kurten - DJentbreed
18. movie samples
19. The Teknoist - Beastage
20. Meander - Tainted
21. Osdorp Posse - Adrenaline
22. D-Boy Bad Boys - Bad Kick
23. DJ Hertz - Enter The Scratch Game Vol. 2
24. Most Wanted - Calm Down
25. Darth Fader & Scarecrow Willy - Bionic Booger Breaks
26. DJ Hidden - Legend Has It
27. Stephen Webber - Entrancing Miles
28. Techdiff - Vat Grown Top Knot
29. Hellfish - No No
30. SA+AN - Pray For Evil
31. Peabird - Shut Up And Skratch
32. Nasenbluten - Fuck The Politics
33. Badder Than Evil - Hot Wheels
34. Embolism - The Player
35. Nasenbluten - Smoke Him
36. Moby - Thousand
37. Silver Bullet - 20 Seconds To Comply (The Omen Mix)
38. Overcast - Gorky Parked
39. Ab-Hinc - Farkhulse Fist Reconfigurations (Pure)
40. movie sample