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Sequence & Ominous @ Back To The Millennium Podcast 4


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Back in 2008 Sequence & Ominous began their crusade to bring back hardcore from the early 00’s to the Defqon 1 Black stage. It was already back then that they decided to use the name “Millennium Hardcore” for the sound of that particular era.
Now, years later, millennium hardcore is fully embraced as a sub-genre within hardcore and heard on many big events. Sequence & Ominous both agreed the time had come to start the official "Back To The Millennium Podcast" to showcase their true dedication for these unique sounds.

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1. Rude Awakening - Revolting Against
2. Void Settler - Gnomes Tinker With Time
3. Armageddon Project - Spawn Of Misanthropy
4. X-Ess & Catscan - Love Thy Enemy
5. Niel - Battlefield
6. Promo & Catscan - Virgin Territory
7. Armageddon Project - Floatin' In Acheron
8. Bulldozer Project - Arise
9. Unknown - 95% Against Me
10. Art of Fighters - Too Strange
11. Catscan - Time To B Loud (Korsakoff Remix)
12. Korsakoff - Tamara
13. Promo - Your Love Is Gone
14. Outblast - Master's Symphony
15. Psychorudes - Xtc Is Up
16. Promo - Follow My Movement
17. Impulse Factory - We Are The Future, Brother
18. The Blaster - War Is Coming Man
19. Meagashira - End Of Line (Endymion Remix)
20. Nosferatu - Cameltoe
21. Meagashira - Swarm
22. Evil Activities ft. Chaosphere - Far Beyond You
23. T-Factor - How Many More Out There?
24. Tommyknocker - Dream:Scream
25. DJ Nosferatu - Unleash The Fury
26. Catscan - Capture In Distress
27. Dominion - Reign Of Fire
28. Nexes - Welcome To Nexes
29. Tha Playah - Tha Bounce
30. Or-Beat & K-Pax - Keep It Alive
31. Scott Brown - King Of The Beats
32. DJ D & Hellsystem - Step On Stage
33. Tommyknocker - T-2002
34. E-Noid - Antichrist
35. Mc Rage - You Bring Out The Hate In Me (DJ Bike Remix)
36. DJ Nosferatu - The Desolate One
37. Nosferatu - Have It Your Way
38. Evil Activities - To You Who Doubt Me
39. The Masochist - Antimix (Neophyte Remix)

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